Gala: QCS Frankfurt

The way, for­war­ding agent QCS — Quick Car­go Ser­vice cele­bra­tes its feasts is legen­da­ry. Last wee­kend ano­t­her unf­or­gett­able chap­ter was added to the firm’s deca­de-long prac­tice of joy­ful events.

Dieter welcomes "Angie" at his anniversary. Quelle: hs
Die­ter wel­co­mes »Angie« at his anni­ver­s­a­ry. Source: hs

It was sen­sa­tio­nal, gigan­tic, com­ple­te­ly over­whel­ming. The­re are hard­ly ade­qua­te wor­ds to descri­be the uni­que, almost inde­scri­bable and fan­tasti­cal­ly orches­tra­ted show on the occa­si­on of a dou­ble bir­th­day last Satur­day in the noble Kem­pin­ski Hotel in Gra­ven­bruch near Frank­furt: Die­ter Halt­may­er tur­ning 80 and his QCS – Quick Car­go Ser­vice GmbH cele­bra­ting its 40th anni­ver­s­a­ry.

All sang »hap­py bir­th­day to you…« 
About 280 invi­tees, among them many QCS staff, enjoy­ed every minu­te of the long las­ting par­ty and the stun­ning per­for­man­ces of enter­tai­ners, musi­ci­ans, come­di­ans and dan­cers the Halt­may­er fami­ly had con­trac­ted to gua­ran­tee their employees and hand-picked guests a top class event.
They all came from near and far to honor Die­ter, his fami­ly and his firm’s anni­ver­s­a­ry. Bes­i­des local hons, cele­bri­ties from the U.S., Hong Kong, UK, Peru, Ita­ly, Fin­land, Rus­sia or Por­tu­gal fol­lo­wed his call, just to give a quick look at how far QCS’s glo­bal net­work spans today. Among them were IATA’s for­mer Head of Car­go, Des Ver­tan­nes, Emi­ra­tes SkyCargo’s long-time dri­ving force Ram Menen (ret.), Luft­han­sa Cargo’s Helms­man Peter Ger­ber or Mana­ging Direc­tor Ste­ven Alves of the glo­bal alli­an­ce World Car­go Mar­ke­ting of which QCS was one of the initia­tors, and the list goes on.

Sur­pri­sing spe­cial guest
One of the many high­lights was Ange­la Merkel’s appearan­ce. The Ger­man Chancellor’s stun­ning looka­li­ke lau­ded QCS in her wit­ty speech as one of the country’s show­pie­ce com­pa­nies other firms should learn from if they want to be suc­cess­ful in busi­ness. In that case they bet­ter not sup­port the Soci­al Demo­crats, »Angie« war­ned the car­go indus­try of esta­bli­shing clo­ser con­tacts to the poli­ti­cal rivals of her con­ser­va­ti­ve par­ty.
Mrs »Merkel’s« address to the audi­ence was fol­lo­wed by the appearan­ce of a bag­pipe band fasci­na­ting the guests with their tra­di­tio­nal Scot­tish tunes. »Mari­lyn Mon­roe« came on to the sta­ge next, an almost per­fect dou­ble of the gre­at Ame­ri­can actress, fol­lo­wed by a dazz­ling vio­lin vir­tuo­so. Final­ly, and much later that evening, a scan­ti­ly dres­sed Bra­zi­li­an Sam­ba group delight­ed everyone’s sen­ses with a bre­ath­ta­king show.

To be like Die­ter
To put it in a nuts­hell: All in all it was a superb and unf­or­gett­able evening, framed by spee­ches, per­so­nal dis­cus­sions, new or rene­wed con­tacts, tas­ty deli­caci­es and drinks. Ram Menen put it in his own char­ming way, by say­ing:
»What a won­der­ful and memo­r­able night it was for a won­der­ful per­son. Die­ter and his fami­ly never ever seem to stop sur­pri­sing me. They are gre­at folks. When I grow up, I want to be like Die­ter!«

Ever­y­bo­dy agreed that the show needs to be repeated – at the latest, when Die­ter cele­bra­tes his 90th bir­th­day and his QCS turns 50!